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Aaron Frankel - known philanthropist and businessman

Aaron Frankel is known not only in Russia but also in CIS and Europe’s countries as an international businessman and devoted philanthropist. Well-known entrepreneur is the founder and unique and irreplaceable president of Loyd's Aviation Group. This group is a leader of commercial and business aviation in the spheres of marketing, finance and sales.

The history of Loyd's Aviation Group

This company was founded by Aaron Frankel in 1988. The main purpose of its existence is development of the space and aviation industry, focusing on business and commercial aviation initially in Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS. Over the past 20 years Loyd's Aviation Group has worked independently and become a true leader in these areas. Above all,  group has created several subsidiaries in order to quickly and efficiently carries out an ever increasing number of operations related to aircraft building. To date, Loyd's Aviation Group is a true leader in the field of aviation, this international organization is different multifaceted activities, thoughtful marketing, has high levels of sales and quality technical expertise. All this happened because of the availability of highly skilled managers and professionals, which Aaron Frankel was able to pick up over many years of hard work. This hard-working staff contributed to the rapid and qualitative growth of the company. Offices are located in many cities across the whole world. Much prominence in conjunction with skills in aviation and unique know-how enabled the company to take part in the various operations that were treated no less than 21 billion dollars. For many years, Loyd's Aviation Group plays undeniably important role in aviation and in the work of such companies as Airbus Industries, The Boeing Company, Agusta Westland, Gulfstream Aerospace, Cessna Aircraft, Bell Helicopter-Textron. Company is also very important for the production systems manufactures and different aircrafts. Except to mutual work, the group has its own aircraft and has the ability to lease its fleet to various businesses and customers.

The social life of Aaron Frankel

Aaron Frankel for many years has a reputation as a famous philanthropist. In Jerusalem, he has post of honorary consul of the Republic of Croatia, which was granted to him in connection with his activities in the development of friendly relations between Israel and Croatia. He also has the FRENCH LEGION D’HONNEUR, which was awarded to him by the President of France. President of the Russian Federation awarded Mr. Frenkel with the title “Mecenate of Russia” – it’s Award for contributions to society. This enterprising philanthropist made a great contribution to the cultural and social life of the world and he continues his charitable activities.

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